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Inside: Great American Cookie Company

how to decorate cookie cake
Here it is folks, I’m here to share my biggest blog adventure yet, and of course, it involves chocolate chip cookies.


Great American Cookie Cake

Deanna and I had the chance to go visit the Great American Cookie location in Brookwood Mall to learn all about how they operate, decorate, and continue to make people smile day in and day out. Their cookie cakes are amazing, but it’s the people who have made it such a success!

If you’ve ever had this famous “mall” cookie, then you know America’s obsession is justified. We can try to recreate it, but all others will pale in comparison to the one, the only, Great American Cookie.

I know you’ve been there… an innocent bystander at your regional mall when the aromas of Great American Cookie hit you like a ton of bricks. That smell is almost indescribable!
Keep scrolling to read my Q&A with Great American Cookie Company. Everything you need to know about the recipe, decorating, and ordering!

Engagement Party Cookie Cake Design

I was so excited to get in there and decorate my own cookie cake! A lot of my friends are getting engaged and married, so I decided to learn how to decorate an engagement cake! Deanna and I were quickly tested on our arm strength (thank goodness for our Mpower workouts!)

Piping that much icing is no joke! But there are a few tricks we learned to help make it easier on the cake decorator. Hint: it’s all about the grip.

Head to Well and Worthy Life blog to see Deanna’s design and tips!

Being a foodie and longtime fan of Great American Cookie, I naturally had questions. Bake time, cool time, rules and RECIPES!

All Your Great American Cookie Questions, Answered

Q: Do the cookie decorators have to have prior training, or even have decent handwriting?

A: No! You do not need any past experience baking or decorating cakes to work at Great American Cookie. They have an excellent training program to teach new employees how to write in their signature script, and eventually, develop their own unique style of decorating!


Q: Can you lick your fingers if icing gets on them?

A: I wish! The manager nervously chuckled when I asked this. Licking the bowl, or your fingers are prohibited. (dang it!)


Q: Where did the Great American Cookie Company start?

A: GAC just celebrated it’s 40th birthday last year and is headquartered in Atlanta. They have more than 200 franchise locations, with the majority of them being in the Southeast!


Q: What’s the secret recipe for the Great American Cookie Cake?

A: The employees don’t know, trust me, I asked a few of them to spill the beans. The dough is made off-site and brought in daily for baking freshly made cookies every day!


Southern Source Side Note:

I usually order a cookie cake from Great American Cookie for my husband’s birthday, but I procrastinated this past year so I made my own.

My chocolate chip cookie recipe tastes pretty darn close. Bake in a 14-inch cake pan lined with parchment at 350 degrees for 20-25 minutes

Here are some essentials you’ll need to recreate the Great American Cookie cake at home:


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